New iphone 5 Release day 7 inside Indonesia

Outstanding media coverage to help time mentions how the Apple iphone six to eight and New iphone 5 7 is produced for the same year, 2015. Indeed, there may be absolutely no certainty, as well as during this date jual iphone murah Apple is usually known to always release items right after a good year along with whether thus Apple will probably release a whole new Apple smartphone subsequently there exists ones possibility connected with selling your New iphone 5 6 will probably not become maximized.iphone 7 3

So far your own news media said your strong suspicion The idea Apple will release a whole new smartphone product Aple Iphone 7 inside september 2015 or your own third quarter. if true, your current possibility of your release day associated with Iphone 7 throughout Indonesia will certainly enter your current end regarding 2015 as well as early 2016.
Prices amount Iphone 4gs 7
Currently the Iphone 4gs six to eight is actually priced in more than 12 trillion rupiah for its lowest version. Iphone 4gs 7 can be necessary to always be In regards to the same price to its same version, and most the particular time ones price differentiation based for the WORK WITH of internal memory. Certainly, from Iphone 4gs 7 internel lowest memory is actually 32 GB as well as the price number can be essential for its lowest version is ranging between 12-13 million

Efficacy of garlic for men

Garlic (Allium sativum) => name of plants of the genus Allium well as the name of tubers produced. Has a history of use by humans for over 7,000 years, mainly grown in Central Asia, and has long been the subject of food in the area around the Mediterranean, as well as the common seasoning in Asia, Africa, and Europe. Known in ancient Egyptian records, used both as food and medicine mixture. Bulbs of garlic plant is the main ingredient for the basic ingredients of Indonesian cuisine. Besides as a cooking spice garlic turns out to have extraordinary benefits for human health. Chemical compound called allicin in garlic can thin the blood and improve circulation, the chemical compound in onions reduces the risk of blood clots and blockages.8

Below is the efficacy of garlic for men:

1. Solve erectile dysfunction and impotence
Garlic berkhsiat to solve erectile dysfunction and impotence => known as an aphrodisiac which is known to increase blood circulation. An enzyme called nitric oxide synthase is responsible for a mechanism called an erection. Recent studies show that garlic in certain forms can stimulate the production of the enzyme, especially in men who experience erectile dysfunction.
2. Increase Libido
Garlic is believed to increase libido => Although the smell of garlic was overpowering, if the top layer to be peeled it can be a good aphrodisiac tonic. It can be consumed on a regular basis. Eat with a mixture of one tablespoon of honey on an empty stomach
3. Improve blood circulation
Garlic merit increase blood sirkulsi => extraordinary Effect of garlic is to improve blood flow, especially to the genitals. Therefore, both men and women, garlic can improve vitality and sexual endurance. Blockage of the arteries and blood flow, can reduce sex drive.
4. Improving public health
Garlic efficacious improving public health => many health benefits of garlic are produced. Ranging from lower blood pressure, cholesterol up as a natural antibiotic. As a result, sexual life was also going good.

Small Balcony Design Ideas

Small Balcony Design Ideas – Today I will explain how to take advantage of small spaces, in particular the actual terraces and balconies have in our homes. I think these are the spaces that have suffered reductions in existing housing meters, while in some houses have disappeared. In my opinion, create a, however small it is nice outside space for fresh air, or not so pure street, it will be a disconnect with the space inside your house.

Small Balcony Design Ideas

Well, I stopped and I thank rolls seven keys to getting the most out of small terraces and balconies and leave much nicer.

1.The plants.

If you like plants and do not know where to place them because there is no space, the best way is to place the plants vertically and vertical gardens we see today in modern buildings, but creating them, of course, the scale of the space that we . You can use or create shelves with pallets, so fashionable right now. You can also hang plants from the ceiling or to the railings and so you will not remove floor space.

  1. seating.

In small balconies to sit sometimes a challenge, but I will say that in the market there are a variety of furniture for small spaces and outdoor furniture were not to be outdone, stackable and folding chairs always give a good result. Another way to create a space to sit is to create a run on either side of your balcony bench. In the image below you can sit comfortably three people in a very small space.

  1. Storage

Before I commented at the benches. Its functionality can be much higher if you keep things inside. They can be used to store gardening materials and objects outside, even to save chairs and folding tables. A shelf you do not know where to place or are tired of seeing can recycle it to store objects and plants you’ll have your ordained balcony.

  1. Tables.

The tables are essential if you want to give the space a more useful. As in the seats, a fixed table takes up too much space and if we are short of meters, it is best to opt for folding tables that can move from place or are folded and left in the wall when you collect.

  1. Wall and floor.

This is one of the points that makes change any space. When choosing the coatings it is important that they are resistant to the outside; water, sun, wind, etc … Besides the typical tiles can also use wood or artificial turf. There are natural and synthetic woods that resist very well abroad and give warmth to the space. They are somewhat expensive but if you have a small space, can surely afford. Artificial turf is another material that is being used a lot, it is more economical and easy to install. It gives a lot of life and light to the balcony.

Furthermore you can combine different materials to demarcate areas, as is done in large gardens, but here note the size to choose the materials. See another related post on DIY Pallet Furniture Instructions.

Vertical Gardens Ideas

Vertical Gardens Ideas are an increasingly common alternative to traditional gardens fostered mainly by the lack of space for traditional gardens, especially in urban areas. Create a vertical garden is a very innovative option and can convert a space inspiring tranquility while providing spaciousness and brightness.

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Vertical gardens ideas

There is no single way to build a vertical garden, but there is great diversity of methods and approaches, from the most complex, covering facades of entire buildings, even the simplest, which are those that can build at home. We will tell you some of these modalities.

There are companies specializing in the construction of vertical gardens, which offer their own systems with integrated drip irrigation. Typically, these systems consist of modular panels that are planted with some horizontal substrate and then leave adhering to vertical surfaces. However, if the surface to be covered is small or medium, with a little imagination and the right materials, you can create vertical gardens in a home whose results can be excellent. Here are some ideas.

This is a very environmentally friendly idea because while we recycle, we are taking a natural use to waste, in this case the pallet.

Once you’ve gotten a pallet, well sanded all the wood to remove splinters and to work with him no harm. Also removes nails or staples that may have adhered. After the pallet covered with plastic canvas gardening grapándola the rear face of the pallet and on three sides (the top of the let free to make space for irrigation). Make emphasis on well off the corners with plastic fabric. If you wish, you can use several layers of canvas and so get a stronger structure.

Supports the pallet with the side of the fabric touching the ground and pour the soil so that it is covered. Then plant the seedlings you’ve chosen trying to stay close together and adds earth if you consider it necessary. Hanging plants usually look good in this type of garden.

During a week or two watering the garden keeping it horizontal. Once past that time, when you see that the plants have already been settled, put it upright but leaves a little bow.

How to Make Bridal Bouquets

How to Make Bridal Bouquets – Many times, and either for a gift or because we take a walk through the countryside, we have fresh flowers at home. Bouquets of roses, tulips and orchids are usually the most gifted. But of course when they are already cut flowers have a limited lifetime and each passing day will wither. We give some simple tips to keep longer and with all its glory flowers that are already cut.

how to make bridal bouquets

The bouquets can hold between five days and three weeks. Its duration depends on the variety of flower and care dispensemos them.

Tips Bridal Bouquets

If you are a bunch that have given us the first thing to do it is remove the paper that wraps the bouquet, cut the stem of the flowers diagonally remove leftover leaves and put them in water.

Put the flowers in a vase covering approximately 7 to 10 cm from the bottom of the stems of the flowers. The location of the vase with flowers is also very important to be recommended in a cool place at night and by day but good lighting is important not receive direct sunlight.

The water we use is lukewarm water for most cut flowers, and if possible cold water for bulb flowers or roses.

The change daily water in the vase in which we should not miss the flowers and also recommended to cut about 1 cm stem, always diagonally, as it facilitates the absorption of water.

To that roses are maintained, we must remove the thorns, cut their stems diagonally and change the water frequently. A roses sits very well that the water is always cold.

Orchids are flowers that do not need much care and last much. It is recommended to cut their stems diagonally and dip them in warm water.

Hydrangeas with more vivid colors come from Holland, but last less than Spanish, whose colors are faded. If you are dehydrated, you can retrieve them by dipping them in cold water.

And now we indicate some tricks you may not know and they will help you keep better and longer flowers.

What do you have like these tips and tricks? If you have any other tips or tricks do not hesitate to share with us all.

Models and Type of Stairs Indoor

Models and Type of Stairs Indoor – Today we share with you these 10 models and types of indoor stairs with a different style for each room. Rarely we give importance to the decoration of stairs, corridors, corridor and some areas that are neglected, which is why this time corresponds talk about indoor stairs. It’s not just about giving some color to the stairs, inside the decor you can find several designs of stairs to put in the right place; also the type and model of ladder depends much space you have to place as they always used to give access to another level or floor of the home.

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models and type of stairs indoor

Stairs can be metal, wood or concrete design and brand always kind and defines the rest of the decor of the room, it can reach more wood materials mixed with concrete or vice versa. There are many models and stairs style as modern, minimalist, classic, multifunctional and others. The stairs can be converted into multifunctional when space is small or reduced and even more if you want to make this ladder a decoration more details. Also taking advantage of the space under the stairs can create a new environment for rest, bathroom, small reading room, warehouse and any other home as needed.

As we said before, there are several types of ladders and among them is the spiral staircase or half circular much help when space is tight. Usually not many decide to place a spiral staircase, but if you want to give more style to decorate can try using the steps for this purpose.

On the other hand, if you choose a ladder against the wall you will have the option to decorate the walls with murals, paper, stickers that you can place and give more color and style to the stairs. Also a photo collage or decorative frames can also go on the wall next to the stairs, another option is to paint some special lines or steps or steps of the stairs color.

Tips for Going Green at Home

Tips for Going Green at Home – Although go with modern life means falling into endless temptations environmentally unfriendly, green living does not always means great sacrifices. On the contrary, a responsible lifestyle with the environment means, and often healthier, supports our lives today.

tips for going green at home

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It’s the little everyday gestures that can make a big difference. It is not being stubborn or ecological reject absolutely everything is not green from head to toe. To be responsible citizens with the environment it is simply to have a minimal environmental sensitivity and show it whenever possible.

Often we find that choosing the green option is not a big sacrifice, and if it were in any case, when we have information to help us understand the benefits of green options probably opt for it.

Then we give a brief review of eight tips on issues that would internalize positive for our routine does not end up being an attack on the health of the planet and, in many cases, also against ours.

  1. Reduce, recycle and reuse: An eco-friendly attitude must be based on a minimum awareness. In practice results in the application of ecological principles to reduce famous recycling and reuse is a simple way to take care of the pocket and the environment without even realizing. A flexible implementation is not ideal, but enough to get results.
  1. Do not throw food: buy more food than necessary and it ends expiring or passing a bad common. Both purchase plan rations mean when cooking at the environmental progress that will reduce waste and avoid the carbon footprint involved in cultivation and transportation.
  1. Support energy expenditure and water: Within the general recommendation to reduce (one of the three R), energy and water are key to the day. Limit spending from both an ecological and resource is gesture and if we obtain addition, if only in part, from renewable sources, the better. The barrels to store rainwater and solar panels will be helpful for this.
  1. To monitor our waste: Not only what we throw away when we could recycle or reuse (composting, creative recycling, etc.) but also what saved with smart choices when it comes to choose food without packaging, using a Reusable purchase or, for example, when parted away.
  1. How to choose what we buy: Besides buying only what is necessary, without falling into the consumerism, being attentive to the types of packaging, its existence or absence and similar issues, opt for organic food products and is an important contribution the environment or, for example, consume less meat to limit emissions of greenhouse gases and protecting our health.
  1. Caring for nature: In our day to day little things we can do to protect nature, since no littering in parks to, for example, choose native plants to encourage biodiversity in the garden or, for example, do not use pesticides, which help pollinators.
  1. Educate children: The smallest of the house are sponges, they learn by example. It is important that children learn the value of caring nature through everyday gestures, which can be anything from helping a small urban garden care to avoid wasting water, electricity or learn to love animals.
  1. Commitment to sustainable mobility: You can not always leave the car parked, it is true, but we can have the bike always ready to give use and opt for public transport, electric bike for longer journeys or sharing the car, among other green options.

World Energy Efficiency Day

World Energy Efficiency Day – This Thursday, March 5, the World Energy Efficiency Day is celebrated, a date which seeks the awareness that party. As every year, seeks to reflect and to reflect on the wise use and, above all, irrational, we do energy, in order to improve efficiency.

world energy efficiency day

Still, the fact is that there is reason to party, reasons to rejoice and celebrate because, despite the unstoppable advance of fossil fuels, renewables are increasingly used and awareness is also higher.


The objective pursued is not so much to consume less, but to use the energy to some other uses meeting the needs, and without wasting always looking for ways to find a balance between their production, use or abuse and environmental care.


Specifically, looking after the environment slowing climate change (fossil fuels are large emitters of CO2) and avoiding environmental impacts of any other type. It is, in short, look for a rational use of energy, and it is as compatible with sustainability, understood as a concept that allows both saving and sufficient to ensure the comfort and welfare of the modern world supply.


Some practical tips


The concept of energy efficiency is key when it comes to finding ways to maintain a quality of life domestically and citizen, just as it can be applied to the industrial field. Therefore, responsibility or, if you will, the ability to enable intelligent energy saving is a duty of citizens and politicians.


Get the same goods and energy services using less energy resources is possible with good practices and improving processes, investing in recycling, green energy, the use of cleaner products and intelligent consumption, using just enough energy.


At home and in the office are many small eco-friendly gestures that can make a difference, from using energy saving light bulbs to choose efficient equipment or disconnecting electrical appliances that do not use, and avoid the vampire consumption, opt for tender before using the dryer, load the washer drum to make every wash, and do the same with other large appliances such as the dishwasher, the refrigerator, the air conditioning or cooking with gas hob or in a convection cooking.


Proposed energy audits


This March 5, 2015, Friends of the Earth will use the anniversary to launch a project of domestic energy audits which seeks to improve the efficiency and energy saving in 150 households, promoting the reduction of CO2 emissions.


From the results of this initiative may then apply to similar projects rest of the population, reported in a press release the association, in which the project is explained in detail. Specifically, energy consumption and housing characteristics of the Atlantic area (Galicia), continental (Galicia, Madrid and La Rioja) and Mediterranean (Balearic) be audited, after advising slum dwellers how to implement measures efficiency and savings.


After performing the audits, they will be collected and processed the data provided to develop a statistical study in order to obtain a representative sample in each area serve as a model to extrapolate as general advice to the population of each one of them. Thus, criteria to implement measures that reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and, more generally, it is expected “to contribute to a conscious and responsible consumption towards efficiency, ideally through a Community energy be established and renewable “point from the organization.

Identify for you to graduate IPS Promising

Subject pertaining to graduate IPS Promising : right after graduating via high school, during which tend to be an individual going? Work, college, or perhaps unemployment. almost all involving That is you which can decide. for those associated with an individual whom get a parent throughout a economy This really is above average, continuing to be able to college is the very thing parents want by you. a lot of connected with you sometimes underestimate your current lecture, why does college? Yet have no evidence of S1 or maybe S2 alone unemployment, mending discharged immediately run only graduated via high school. probably This complete ones mind. the means You have to read 7 identify promising future. Universitas Islam Negeri Sultan Syarif Kasim34

Some say looking IPS title The item straightforward bother. i mean here is actually regardless of whether a person do not particularly just like the majors and also an individual live in a great high school seemed to always be in vain, but otherwise no matter whether anyone seriously live absolutely promising items with the future can store like. soon after three many years of cultural accounts department, right after graduation people furthermore confused through which ones majors want to help carry on When in college.
Subject with regard to graduate IPS

At your own high school level, There are the countless science majors to help Decide on from as well as each school offers an respective policies inside these kind of majors. Departments within SMA among others: Science, sociable Studies, Languages, Computers. ones many attractive could be the division regarding IPA.

Not a number of people think that this gain access to directly into science majors ensure that a good bright future. That is considering that the science greatest \’m the most items among some other majors. several of a solutions for the sense When choosing an college, your IPA has the solution connected with title This most, even ones title involving science and also language department is very trouble-free for you to move your current bow While majored in college.

For example, You will find children exactly who come by science majors exactly who Select to help carry your current exam As soon as the IPS youngster to help visit college. along with This is okay, Unlike your own different majors, such as IPS. for anybody via IPS, onto entering college, solution involving majors The item is usually taken single departments concerning cultural sciences.

and to help slam the steering alias team moved to another team options usually are very small. Especially if It comes with the division involving cultural and want in order to majoring within science, almost impossible possibility.

Variety involving Programs pertaining to Graduates IPS
However, intended for anyone whom had already entered in to ones world associated with IPS, do not worry. IPS does not mean how the majors usually are bad. Not several officials throughout this country that are generally graduates of your sociable sciences. Well, here This really is identify IPS promising.

1. Faculty of Economics

2. Faculty regarding Psychology

3. Faculty associated with Law
Legal studies

4. Faculty involving sociable in addition to Political Sciences
International Relations
Communication Studies
Fiscal Administrative Sciences
Public Administration
Science institution Administration
Political science
Social Welfare
Social Anthropology

5. Faculty of Humanities
English literature
Japanese Literature
French literature
German Literature
Literary Chinese
Korean Literature
Dutch Literature
Indonesian literature
Library Science
Russian literature
Philosophy connected with Science
History regarding Science
Arabic Literature
Javanese literature

Almost just about all colleges, majors for graduates IPS has the opportunity in order to always be accepted. That is considering that the several IPS team with regard to children feel opened throughout universities, both official as well as confidential universities.

Pecan Fruit Benefits For Hair and Skin Firming Growers


Spices hazelnut kitchen Fertilising Hair Natural Healing
Hazelnut which in the local language called tondeh fruit or fruit kareh (Minangkabau), muncang (Sunda) and keminting (Dayak) is actually classified as seasoning dapur.Bijinya white to brass used for menggurihkan cuisine. The pecan seeds contain up to 60 percent fat. When squeezed, the oil out. Well, this oil contains a number of chemicals that elicit a variety of benefits. Which is quite popular is the healthful properties of the hair, starting from nourish, strengthen and darken hair naturally. The efficacy truth no doubt. Indonesia practice people have done for generations over a period of centuries. Therefore in modern times many entrepreneurs make hazelnut oil as the main ingredient manufacture of hair care productsmanfaat- kemiri 27
which is sold in the form of creams, polishes, or tonic. Another benefit pecan hazelnut seeds have many uses. Crushed seeds can be used to treat drug toothache, ulcers, fever danpembengkakan in joints tulang.Biji already dioalh into oil can also function as an alternative fuel. Back when electricity is still rare, hazelnut oil replace menghidupu remedy kerosene oil lamps or oil lamp. Hazelnut oil is also used in batik batik activities. Moreover, it can also function as a liniment overcome aches and colds. Although the pecan seeds provide a savory taste, this section contains poisonous hydrocyanic acid. If ingested dalah excessive amount can be intoxicating and inviting diarrhea. Perhaps this is why more work as a hazelnut seeds herbs is not to be eaten raw and its oil was rarely used for frying. In addition to seeds, pecan bark are also often used for treatment. The content of tannin was quite potent expel sprue and dysentery. Hazelnut leaves
also medicinal, inter alia useful to treat toothache. Outside the medical affairs, a plant that can grow up to 40 meters can also be
publishing business inspiration. Therefore, the wooden rod that is light, white and delicate fibrous highly suitable as raw material for making matches stalk and can also be used as materials for paper.

Prescription Drugs to Make Pecan walnut oil

Take as much meat pecan seed seprempat kilograms. Mash until smooth, then enter into panci.Tambahkan 1 cup water, stirring.
Heat the mixture over low heat until boiling and out the oil. To take the oil
After the cold filtered by using a piece of cloth.